Howard Stern Comes Again Book Cover

Howard Stern Comes Again

Fans of Howard Stern have been waiting almost 25 years for the release of his third book. That wait is almost over as his new book, Howard Stern Comes Again, arrives in bookstores this May! Fans can order now. Amazon (and other outlets) has an order option for the hard cover and Kindle edition. Hopefully an audio edition will be announced, soon.

Simon & Schuster is publishing the 560-page book on May 14, 2019, with Howard doing a promotional book tour to go along with the release. Stern allegedly highlights both his personal growth over the years (divorce, marriage, etc.) and his amazing celebrity interviews from the Stern Show studio at SiriusXM. The book is also rumored to discuss Artie Lange and Donald Trump.

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Miss America Cover
Miss America Book

Two years after his first book, Howard's second book Miss America was published. The front cover features Stern in drag, with the rest of the Stern Show staff on the inside cover dressed similarly. Miss America's 482 pages of hilarity was once the fastest-selling title in ReganBooks history.

Private Parts Book Cover
Private Parts Book

Howard Stern's first book, Private Parts, was once the fastest selling autobiography of all time. Published in 1993, the book details Stern's upbringing and early career. The book was later turned into a very successful motion picture staring Howard himself. This book is laugh out loud, piss-your-pants funny!

Vegucation of Robin Book Cover
The Vegucation of Robin

Fans of the Stern Show know this book well, thanks to Sal and Richard's use of The Vegucation of Robin's audiobook. Published in 2012, this humor-filled cookbook meets manifesto contains almost 100 vegan recipes that Robin discovered on her journey to get healthier. Another hilarious show book!

Quivers: A Life Book Cover
Quivers: A Life Book

Labeled "one of the most no-holds-barred memoirs," Robin Quiver's first book details her childhood up to her work on the Stern Show. For the show's most extreme narcissist, the book offers a candid, yet humorous look at Robin's past and revealed that she was abused as a child.

They Call Me Baba Booey Book Cover
They Call Me Baba Booey

Everyone's favorite horse-toothed jack-ass, Gary Dell'Abate, wrote a hilarious and insightful book, too. Published in 2010, the book details Gary's life before the show, as well as describes some of his more memorable experiences from the show. Gary proves why he is a better human than most.

Fast Food Maniac Book Cover
Fast Food Maniac Book

As one of the more productive members of the Stern Show, Jon Hein published a great nonfiction guide to fast food. The book details the origins of some of America's favorite fast food establishments. The guide also provides unique information about each place, including recommendations on what to eat.