Crash and Burn

Artie Lange’s Crash and Burn is the second book from the popular comedian and former Stern Show co-host. The book was originally published in October of 2013 and appeared on The New York Times Best Seller list.

In Crash and Burn, Artie gets more in-depth about his drug addiction and destructive abuse, his depression and his “recovery.” As such, Artie’s second memoir isn’t quite as funny as his original but it offers way more insight. Lange gets personal, discussing his suicide attempt in great detail.

According to Artie, “it’s about the last four years, when I was in mental institutions, rehabs, hurting myself, being in the hospital. It just starts to show how a successful guy and self-made man has everything go down the toilet because of a drug habit.” A fan described the book as “90% about heroin, opiates and the consequences of using it.” This drug habit is part of what lead to Lange’s on-air meltdown and subsequent departure from the Stern Show. As of 2019, Artie still hasn’t been able to shake his addiction and has been in trouble with the law for most of 2018 and 2019.

Despite the somber undertone of Artie Lange’s Crash and Burn, the book is full of great stories and funny anecdotes. And yes, true to Artie form, a couple of the stories are laugh-out-loud hilarious. The book details a Playboy story that is sure to make you chuckle, as will a story about shitting on a private jet.

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Does Artie discuss his suicide attempt in Crash and Burn?

Yes, Artie discusses his suicide attempt and recovery in great detail in Crash and Burn. According to news articles at the time, Artie used a 13-inch kitchen knife to stab himself in the stomach multiple times (9). It was also reported that he drank bleach and slit his wrists prior to stabbing himself. The police explained that Artie’s mother found him unconscious on the floor of his house in New Jersey. He was rushed to the hospital, where he underwent surgery. After being released from the hospital, Artie went to a psychiatric ward to recuperate.

Did Artie do heroin while live on the Stern Show?

No, Artie did not take heroin live on the show. But, as any long-time fan knows, he was on-air high multiple times.

The heroin problem first popped up when Artie offered a homeless junkie some Suboxne while live on air. It was during a “homeless” game. That’s when most people first found out about Artie’s heroin problem. As the months progressed, it became apparent to everyone that Artie was using. He has been honest about being high awhile on air, and about sneaking off to take pills or do lines.

Did Artie Lange get fired from the Stern Show?

No, Artie was not fired from the Stern Show. He originally left the show after his on-air meltdown, followed by his suicide attempt. Though Howard and SiriusXM initially said that Artie would be welcomed back with open arms, Stern later decided otherwise. Howard opted to not have Artie return to the show, assuming it would be better for Artie to focus on recovery.

Below is a recording from the Stern Show where Howard explains his thoughts in more detail.

Does Howard Stern talk about Artie in his new book?

Sources say yes. In his new book ‘Howard Stern Comes Again’ Howard finally discusses the circumstances behind Artie leaving the Howard Stern Show. Since leaving the show, Artie hasn’t been able to stay out of trouble. The current news about Artie is disappointing but no doubt something Howard saw coming for a long time.

Is Artie Lange married and does he have a wife?

No, he has never married and does not have a wife.

Long time Stern show fans will remember Artie’s long-time girlfriend Dana Cironi. Their relationship ended in 2006. After meeting Adrienne Ockrymiek in 2009, Artie soon became engaged to be married but that’s as far as he’s ever gotten with a serious relationship. Artie and Adrienne broken up in 2014.