Artie Lange’s Wanna Bet?

Artie Lange’s third book, Wanna Bet, does not quite rate as high as his previous two, but still warrants a few laughs. The book is said to contain moments where Artie imagines his life if things hadn’t quite gone his way, which is understandable on one hand. Had he not had a few lucky breaks along the way, Artie Lange would likely be dead by now. At the very least, he’d likely have ended up some junkie on the corner in New Jersey begging for change.

The book is once-again co-authored by Anthony Bozza, who assisted on Artie’s first book. The book was likely written to fulfill his initial book contract. Even though his first two books where best-sellers, Lange’s career is in a downward spiral due to his heroin addiction and many run-ins with the law in the past few years.

But anyone who has seen a picture of Artie lately knows that his life has not gone the right way. Despite that (and likely because of Bozza’s help), the book is a great mix of sad and hilarious. Check out Goodreads for other reviews about Wanna Bet.

What is Artie Lange’s Wanna Bet book about?

As you can tell by the title, the major theme to Artie’s third memoir is betting or addiction to gambling. According to the main description, “Lange believes that the true gambler gets high not from winning, but from the chaotic unknown of betting itself.” In the book, “he looks back at the times he’s wagered the intangible and priceless things in life: his health, his career, and his relationships.

As most Stern Show fans know, Artie has lost more than can be imagined from gambling and taking risks he should. As another description of the book puts it, the “book is a tour of a subculture where bookies and mobsters, athletes and celebrities ride the gambling roller coaster for the love of the rush.”

Free audiobook of Artie Lange’s Wanna Bet

Start a free trial with Audible and get a free audio version of Artie Lange’s Wanna Bet. The book is not voiced by the baby gorilla himself but rather narrated by Oliver Wyman. Wyman has narrated dozens of audiobooks, and his voice (along with Artie’s humor) makes Wanna Bet a good listen. This Artie Lange audiobook is said to last 6 hours and 32 minutes.

Does Artie mention Howard Stern in Wanna Bet?

Yes, he does. In Artie Lange’s book Wanna Bet, Lange has gone from Howard Stern superfan to hating hist former radio colleague. Artie now says the show is “the perfect example of how political correctness has ruined comedy. His show is so unbelievably safe, boring and just bad.” Artie goes into a few more details on how and why his opinion of the radio announcing legend has changed. Howard Stern and Artie Lange will always be linked but clearly their relationship is strained.

Howard Stern discusses Artie in Stern’s new book, Howard Stern Comes Again. Hopefully, a Howard Stern Artie Lange reunion can be done before Howard retires.

How much was Artie Lange offered to replace Howard Stern by CBS Radio?

On his podcast, Artie’s Halfway House, Artie claims that he was offered $5 million a year for four years and that amount was fully guaranteed. Artie also admits that CBS Radio also tried to get Gary Dell’Abate to leave Stern before going to SiriusXM. All of this was confirmed by Howard’s old SiriusXM Howard 100 General Manager Tim Sabean who was a guest on Lange’s podcast. Sabean was able to confirm this because he worked at CBS Radio at the time and delivered the offer to Lange.

What happened to Artie Lange’s nose?

If you have seen a picture of Artie in the last year or so, it is hard not to notice his nose. At times, pictures have been snapped with his nose collapses, exploded, bleeding, etc. All of the pictures are enough to scare most sane humans away from heroin usage. On Twitter, Artie has said “My nose is a disaster. But I can still breathe. I will be ok.” So what happened to Artie Lange’s nose?

Artie’s nose became swollen after allegedly snorting ground-up OxyContin that also had shards of glass mixed in. That, combined with his years of cocaine and heroin use, led to the total destruction of his septum. His nose eventually got infected, which led to some weird images floating around the internet. He has had a few surgeries since his snorting accident, with little-to-no improvement to his looks.