Celebrity Tweets, Howard Stern Comes Again Edition

Hollywood Howard picture

Several fans have been tweeting out pictures of Howard’s new book over the last few days. Several have even included videos showing fans unpacking the Amazon packaging. And there have been a few parents posing their toddler kids with Howard Stern Comes Again in their laps (a bit odd, no?).

Unsurprisingly, several celebrity friends and fans have tweeted out messages about Howard Stern Comes Again as well. So far, there have been a few of the celebrity super fans like Rob Schneider and Ryan Phillippe have sent their praises.

Stern Show Books thought it would be a neat idea to feature celebrity tweets about Howard’s new book. None of the featured tweets below are mean like Jimmy Kimmel’s Mean Tweets, but a few are comical. As we find more celebrity tweets about Howard’s new book, we will update this post to include more.

Kevin Nealon (actor, comedian):

Adam Carolla (actor, podcaster, businessman):

Ryan Phillippe (actor):

Jimmy Fallon (actor, talk show host):

Ike Barinholtz (actor):


Andy Cohen (television and radio personality):

Wendy Williams (talk show host):

Paul Scheer (actor and comedian):

Rob Scheider (actor and comedian):

Jillian Barberie (actress):

The Miz (professional wrestler):


Lenny Dykstra (baseball player):

AJ Benza (hasbeen):


Meghan McCain (talk show host):