Howard Stern Comes Again all over The View (with video)

Howard Stern on The View

While fans might not approve, the Howard Stern Comes Again book tour made an appearance on The View. And by the number of headlines the appearance has grabbed, the The View stop was a great idea.

Stern spent a great deal of time conversing with the panel while he was in studio. Several of the topics that were covered on the show were topics from the book, like Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, and Howard’s recent health scare. Below are several clips of Howard’s appears, compliments of The View’s YouTube Channel. Each clip has a brief description of what the video entails.

In this first clip below, Howard discusses the Trump vs AJ Benza fight from many years ago. For fans that don’t remember, Trump called into the show to berate AJ about a female they were both having sex with. Then, Meghan McCain asks Howard about how his story was used by media during the 2016 election. Then, it shifts to Howard explaining that Hillary should have appeared on the Stern Show. Eventually, he tells all of the women to take it easy on Meghan.

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In this clip below, Howard explains that his mother is a fan of The View. It doesn’t take long before Howard switches to his mother’s voice and starts explaining the nature of the world to the ladies. Then, Howard tells the panel that while interviewing his mother, he demanded to know details of how he was conceived. He wanted to know what position, where, they were, etc.

In this short clip below, Howard discusses his recent cancer scare. Here, though, Stern explains in more detail that the health scare is what inspired his new book Howard Stern Comes Again. He said that in his reflection on life, he was most proud of his interviews. As such, he wanted to compile them into a book.

In the next clip (the longest of the bunch), Howard explains more about the book. He says that the book is a celebration that he grew up a little bit, and as such he wanted the main focus of the book to be about other people. It gets into topics of SiriusXM, Seinfeld, Madonna (the first person he chose for the book) and Harvey Weinstein.

This next clip starts out with one of the ladies explaining that she found Howard offensive in the 80’s (with Howard promptly saying Thank You). She then explains that he is a very different person today, and the both agree that he has evolved. Stern then goes into his therapy, and how the show has changed.