Howard Stern Comes Again on Stephen Colbert

Howard Stern talks to Stephen Colbert

Last night, Howard continued his promotional tour for Howard Stern Comes Again with an appearance on the Late Show with Stephen Colbert. The appearance was a long-form interview with Colbert, and contained much of the same information we have heard from other appearances and interviews. However, it was quite comical and well worth the watch.

Stern’s entrance takes roughly a minute, then he busts into song/dance with the Late Show band. He starts singing lyrics like, “it’s a very good book…I’m here to promote my book.” At the 2:35 mark, he finally sits down to begin his interview with Colbert, and then promptly starts to complain about how cold the studio is. Side note: let’s hope Howard doesn’t retire from SiriusXM to become a singer.

Howard was dressed in a fancy black suit with a black shirt and tie to go with it. Colbert makes a joke that it was nice of Howard to stop on the way to a funeral. The conversation quickly goes to America’s Got Talent, where Stern admits it was “silly” for him to be on for four years judging singers. “Turns out that America didn’t have that much talent.”

Note that the description on the PART ONE video mentions that the King of All Media appeared on David Letterman’s version of the late night talk show 43 times.

Part One:

Part Two:

After the first commercial break, the discuss Howard’s psychotherapy. He claims, “I am the poster boy for psychotherapy.”

Parts Three and Four:

After another commercial break, they return to a discussion about Trump. Stern discusses getting calls from Trump during the 2016 presidential campaign, including an invitation to endorse him at the Republican National Convention. Howard claims that Trump is “one of my top five guests of all time and why? He was wild.” Howard again mentioned that Trump wanted an endorsement that the King of all Media was unable to give due to his support of Hillary Clinton. Then, in Part Four, it’s more Hillary babble.