Howard Stern Interviews Hillary Clinton About Her Book of Gutsy Women

Hillary Laughs at Howard

While it might seem like this site is dedicated to books written by cast members or friends of the Howard Stern Show, that is not quite the case with regards to this post. Stern Show Books would be remiss if it didn’t also include when Howard invites infamous people onto the show to promote their books.

In December of 2019, Stern provided such an opportunity when he invited none other than Hillary Clinton on to his show to promote her new book The Book of Gutsy Women, a book Secretary Clinton wrote with her Daughter Chelsea. The book shares stories of “women with the courage to stand up to the status quo, ask hard questions, and get the job done.”

Howard claims he has tried to get Hillary on the show in the past. For years, Howard has complained that Hillary dodged his previous invites to appear on the show and that likely cost her the election in 2016. As a result, Stern is adamant in his belief that Hillary missed a big opportunity to reach an audience she needed in order to win.

It seems the two were able to bridge their differences and comes together for an interview…about a book.

Howard’s Opinion

“What you’re saying with this book is, these are women that have to be recognized,” Howard says of the book during the interview. “This is your version of the Academy Awards. You are saying to history, let’s not forget these women.”

The Book of Gutsy Women is discussed throughout the interview, with parts four and five below getting into the who’s, what’s and why’s behind the book. The interview also gets into the personal realm, with Howard and Hillary discussing therapy, religion, family and meeting Slick Willie.

And, have no fears…Howard does not miss an opportunity to mention his own book during this interview with Hillary. Watch the videos below to catch the interview.