Howard Stern signs new 5-year deal to remain with SiriusXM

Howard Stern broadcasting the Howard Stern Show

During his live show on Tuesday, December 8th, Howard Stern announced his contract’s renewal for another 5 years to stay with SiriusXM. The terms of the deal were not disclosed, but analysts suggest the deal is in the range of $120 million a year. While that seems like a lot of money for SiriusXM to pay for 5 more years of Howard, he still fits into their long-range goal of being the leader in digital content.

Will Howard Stern end his career with SiriusXM?

The question asked most often is how long Howard Stern will continue to do his radio show? At age 66 and with this new contract extension, Howard will most likely retire or end his live show after this new deal. However, as Howard noted today announcing the deal, ” Plus, now that I can work from home, I simply don’t have an excuse to quit.”

How does SiriusXM benefit from the Howard Stern show?

SiriusXM benefits mainly from subscribers who want to hear the Howard Stern Show. As Howard pointed out, SiriusXM is one of the worldwide leaders in content creation, from their music channels to talk shows, podcasts, and even streaming video. Keeping subscribers who only want to listen to Howard appears to be a motivation for SiriusXM. It is estimated that about 2.6 million subscribers keep their service only because they can listen to Howard. SiriusXM also has exclusive rights to Howard’s extensive catalog of older shows through 2027.

What will the Howard Stern Show look like in 2021 and beyond?

You can expect more of Robin, Fred (hi Fred!), and Baba Booey. As evidenced by the core group’s longevity, it is safe to assume that as long as everyone is healthy, they will continue to contribute to the success of the Howard Stern Show.