Howard Stern’s Appearance on Good Morning America (with video)

Howard Stern GMA

As part of the Howard Stern Comes Again book tour, Howard sat down with George Stephanopoulos for a serious yet comical interview. The interview discussed a broad range of topics and people.

“Meet the kinder, gentler Howard Stern. The old Howard, before intensive therapy, his wife Beth and his SiriusXM show, he says he’s embarrassed by that guy now,” narrates George at the beginning of the interview. Some fans don’t like that Howard has changed, but he feels he has changed for the better. Or so he says in the interview (below).

During the interview, Howard discusses his kidney cancer scare and a number of celebrities like Lebron James, Robin Williams and Conan O’Brien.

Howard eventually hijack’s the interview when he admits that he and Beth do dinner parties with George and his wife, Ali Wentworth. Eventually, Howard steers the conversation to George’s sex life, and George laughs himself silly. “Geez, George…you, I never think of as a sex fiend but…”.

At the end of the video, George’s GMA co-hosts start to heckle him due to his flop-sweat embarrassment.