Howard Stern’s Miss America

Miss America, published in November of 1995, is the second book from America’s favorite radio personality Howard Stern. Through his writing, Howard lets you right into his life with intimate details never revealed on the air.

After one week on the shelves after its release, Miss America bolted to the top of the Wall Street Journal and New York Times bestseller lists, becoming the fastest-selling title in the ReganBooks’s history.

“I really think ‘Miss America’ is a piece of literature,” said Judith Regan, president and publisher of ReganBooks, in the LA times review. “I don’t feel there’s a big difference between what Howard Stern says and what Shakespeare says in terms of reflecting their times. In 200 years, when people are studying late 20th-Century thought, they will read Howard Stern’s book to understand how debased the culture has become.”

Overall, the book is very entertaining to read from start to finish. The topics are all over the place, and tend to flow like a ping pong ball at a Chinese New Year celebration, but the content within that flow is brilliant and funny.

In the first chapter, Stern discusses his experiences with cybersex on the on-line chat service Prodigy under various names such as “Holy Ghost” and “Captain Japan.” Younger fans might not remember these references from the old radio days, which is why they should buy this book!

In the second chapter, Stern details a private meeting with Michael Jackson in New York City. (The chapter is titled, “If you love children so much, where are the girls?”). In the following chapters, he discusses his battles with an obsessive-compulsive disorder and his like at The Stern Ponderosa (chapter four).

Chapter five is when Howard starts to discuss his “second family” in more detail. This is the chapter for fans who want to learn more about how Baba Booey gained his nickname. After that, Howard writes some thoughts on famous people and also provides details about his career path and how things happened.

In chapter nine, we learn details about Howard’s infamous run for governor. That has to be an answer to a Trivial Pursuit question. The following chapter, Howard mentions Stuttering John, a writer and regular on the Stern Show.

“This isn’t a memoir with a beginning, a middle and an end,” Judith Regan said in an attempt to describe the book. “It’s how Howard Stern’s brain works…he wrote 4,000 pages. He’s a major overachiever.”

Howard originally wanted to title the book “Sloppy Seconds,” but the editor sadly refused. Instead, Stern created a stir with the cover. The main cover features Stern dressed in make-up and lingerie, with the back featuring a picture of Stern with O.J. Simpson at the wedding of Donald Trump in 1993 (along with an alternate title, “Getting Away With Murder”). The cover caused quite a controversy when the book was first published.

Did people get into fights over the cover of Miss America?

Yes, apparently the back cover of the book (which features O.J. Simpson), caused a few subway scuffles in New York.

Did Howard Stern run for Governor of New York?

Yes, he did…back in 1994! Howard ran as a Libertarian Party candidate, whose nomination he won by two-thirds majority. You can find out more about this in chapter nine of the book, or in this New York Times article titles, “Gov. Howard Stern? Some Fail to See Humor“.

Does Howard Stern have OCD?

In the third chapter of Miss America, Stern reveals that, in the past, he has suffered with Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD). Howard’s OCD took control while he was in college at Boston University.

How did Baba Booey get his nickname?

This is discussed in Chapter Five of the book. Gary Dell’Abate, an executive producer on the radio show, has a ton of nicknames with Baba Booey being the most infamous. He got the nickname because “he has the dopiest hobby in the world, collecting cartoon art.” The story of the nickname begins on page 210 of the hardcover edition.

Did Howard Stern attend Donald Trump’s Wedding?

Yes, he did! In 1993, Howard attended Trump’s wedding to Marla Maples in 1993. The back cover of the book features Stern at the wedding posing for a picture with OJ Simpson. Howard’s gift was a crystal sail sculpture valued at roughly $550. In return, Trump attended Stern’s 2008 wedding to Beth.