Howard Stern’s Private Parts

Within the first line of the Entertainment Weekly review of the book Private Parts, the author of the book declares Howard Stern “is the most brilliant — and misunderstood — comic artist in America.” That is a bold statement, but any fan can attest to his brilliance. When Howard Stern’s Private Parts was released, Howard was known around the country as a ‘shock jock’ (unlike today, where he is celebrated for his ground-breaking interviews).

“Penned by Stern himself (though he might almost have talked it into a tape recorder), this blasphemously funny autobiography-scrapbook is, in essence, Howard’s radio show jammed between two covers,” described Entertainment Weekly.

In Private Parts, Howard tells his life story in magnificent and hilarious detail. The books acts as an “autobiographical confession” full of laugh-out-loud anecdotes and family photos. For the die-hard fan, have no fear as Howard gets into plenty of breast and masturbation topics in the chapters of the book.

In addition to his family, his wife, and details about the early beginnings of the show, Private Parts dives in-depth into the development of Stern’s radio career. Yes, that means learning how Howard met Robin and Fred. It also means vivid descriptions of Pig Vomit/Pig Virus at WNBC, as well as discussions of other celebrities like Oprah, Jessica Hahn and Richard Simmons, and Arsenio Hall.

Was there an alternate title for Private Parts?

Howard originally wanted to title this book ‘Shut Up, Sit Down, You Moron’ because it was his father Ben Stern’s favorite phrase during Howard’s childhood. The movie does a great job of portraying this, with actor Richard Portnow playing the infamous Ben Stern.

Did stores refuse to carry Private Parts when it was first released?

Yes, several bookstores across the country refused to sell a book written by a ‘shock jock.’ Their excuse was due to the nature of his book (and, largely, due to The Howard Stern Show’s reputation). The ban was short lived, though, due in-part to the popularity of the book. Sales were insane, and the Private Parts book spent weeks on the best seller lists.