Quivers: A Life by Robin Quivers

Not long after the success of Howard Stern’s first book (Private Parts), his longtime show co-host wrote an autobiography of her own. Written almost twenty-five years ago, Robin Quivers’ book, Quivers: A Life, is a deeply personal autobiography described as a “a rags-to-riches story.”

Released in 1995, Quivers’ book reached The New York Times best-seller list. In the book, Robin discusses her childhood — from being beaten by her mother to being sexually abused by her father. She overcame adversity to earn a nursing degree from the University of Maryland. After college, Robin details her life in the Air Force where she rose to the rank of captain.

Eventually, in 1981, a program director introduced her to Howard Stern and the rest is radio history.

Robin Ophelia Quivers is now one of the most influential African-American women in media.

Did Robin Quivers have a career in porn?

No, but she almost did. Robin has admitted in the past (as well as in this book) that she enjoyed exhibitionism. Not long after Robin moved to Los Angles, she was looking for a job. In the book, Robin said “I found myself auditioning for a porn film director, allowing him to take a Polaroid of me naked, then I made an appointment at a strip joint down-town.”

Was Robin Quivers in the Air Force?

YES! After college, Robin was recruited into the Air Force. She claims to have entered the Air Force mainly because she was hung over and wanted to get the recruiter off the phone. Robin rose to the rank of captain while serving. She served on active duty for two years, and was discharged. After her discharge, she remained on the Air Force Reserves until 1990.