The Vegucation of Robin

The Vegucation of Robin, the second book from Stern Show co-host Robin Quivers, details her journey to get healthier. Robin harnessed the “power of the produce aisle” and jumped straight into veganism.

The book’s release was initially delayed due to Robin’s year-long battle with cancer. Quivers had a grapefruit sized mole removed from her pelvic area. The surgery revealed that the cancer had spread, including a tumor on her bladder. Then came radiation and chemotherapy treatments, causing Robin to lose her hair. Despite all that, she only missed two shows! Robin fought hard for over a year, and returned to the show in late 2013 cancer free!

While the book Robin wrote the book before her health crisis, she attributes her healthy changes to helping her through the process. Before the cancer, she had a feeling that she was just “sick and tired of being sick and tired.” That feeling had her wanting to make radical changes to her diet.

The Vegucation book — part memoir and part cookbook — details Quivers life-long difficulties with food and obesity. According to Robin, it is not a diet book (though it does contain 90 of her favorite vegan recipes). Even Sal and Richard love some of these recipes, which include citrus salad, a peach almond-butter smoothie, tomatillo tortilla soup and grilled portabella mushroom burgers.

Is there an audio version of Vegucation of Robin?

NO! After Sal and Richard (and thousands of fans) tortured her for years with audio versions of her first book, do you really think she wanted an audio version of her cookbook?

Did Robin Quivers die?

NO! Robin is still alive and well, and is still on the Stern Show. Robin did have a long battle with cancer, where it was thought that she almost died. Stern said on the radio show (after Robin returned), “I thought she was a goner.”

Would Howard continue to do the show without Robin?

NO! According to the New York Daily News, Howard told Robin “he didn’t want to continue with the radio show if something happened to her. The pair has been together since 1981.”