They Call Me Baba Booey

Back in 2010, Stern Show producer and horse-toothed jack-ass Gary Dell’Abate published a memoir. According to Gary’s Wikipedia page, Dell’Abate reportedly signed a six-figure deal with Random House for the book titled They Call Me Baba Booey.

The book is Gary’s life story, and focuses on his life before and during The Howard Stern Show. Parts of the book are hilarious, like when he discusses his thoughts on his infamous (and disastrous) first pitch at the Mets game. Parts of if are sad, as Dell’Abate also reveals stories detailing his mother’s psychological problems. Gary explains that his mother was committed to a psych ward multiple times. During one of those occasions, she went through electric shock therapy.

Gary also wrote about his brother Steven, who tragically died from AIDS. He shares how important Steven was to him, and how he handled Stephen’s confusing death.

Gary goes into detail about the break-up tape, as well. It all started when a fan called into the The Howard Stern Show and told Howard that he dated an ex-girlfriend of Gary’s. This intrigued Howard to no end! The conversation revealed that there was a video tape, as Gary recorded a video message for his ex after they broke up. Eventually, the entire show crew pitched in $25,000 so that the tape could be seen. For longtime fans, this era of the show is one of the greatest show moments.

Does Gary discuss the origin of his nickname Baba Booey in the book?

Yes, Gary explains that the nickname stems from a mispronunciation of the Hanna-Barbara character Baba Looey’s name. Gary has been known by his nickname, Baba Booey, for almost 30 years (Howard discusses the origin of the nickname in his book Miss America).

Is there an audio version of Baba Booey’s book?

YES! As Stern Show cast members Sal and Richard has demonstrated on the show over the years, there is indeed an audio version of Gary’s book. Fans can download an audio version of They Call Me Baba Booey on Audible.

How much was Baba Booey paid for the infamous “break-up” videotape?

Fans and crew of the Howard Stern Show pitched in a total of $25,000 so that Gary would allow the video he recorded for an ex-girlfriend to be made public. It went down as one of the greatest moments in show history.

Is there videotape of Gary’s first pitch at the Mets game?

YES! Thanks to the Howard Stern Show channel on YouTube, everyone can enjoy one of the worst first pitches in baseball history. It’s possible to see the immediate psychological meltdown Baba Booey experiences after the pitch leaves his hand. Truly an embarrassment to mankind.